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Work hand in hand - our school held a new semester grade department management conference

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The long summer is over, and the autumn colors are turning。In order to ensure the orderly development of school education and teaching work, create a good education and teaching atmosphere, and give full play to the leading role of the grade department in education and teaching, on August 31, our school held a meeting on the management of the grade department in the first semester of 2023-2024。The meeting was presided over by the principal Xu Xifeng, and the directors of each grade department and the group leaders attended the meeting。


The responsibility lies in the heart

At the beginning of the meeting, President Xu Xifeng affirmed the excellent results achieved by each grade in the last semester and made further instructions for the work of the grade group in the new semester。In order to condense the heart and gather strength management,The school Party committee and the president's office studied and implemented a new management mechanism,Each grade set up the grade management cooperation body with the grade director as the core,The class management cooperation body with the grade leader as the core,Make everyone responsible,Be overseen everywhere,Everything is done,Each piece has worked out,Continuously improve management efficiency,Form management synergy。



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Take responsibility for yourself

At the meeting, he focused on the responsibilities of the grade director and the grade leader。Grade group is the grass-roots organization that leads teachers to learn and grow,The director of the grade department is the first responsible person who leads the members of the grade group to grow and progress together,There should be specific objectives,Grasp the direction of grade development;The leader of the grade is the main driving force of the grade,In the process of implementing the work, we will find a proper footing,Focus and growth point,Make grade management more effective。





Fulfill one's responsibilities

After the meeting, President Xu Xifeng stressed that the implementation of the grade department management system should not unilaterally pursue the enrollment rate, but also lay a good foundation for the lifelong development of students。He asked everyone to clearly know their responsibilities, find scientific methods in the implementation process, pay attention to fine management, and do a good job in a timely manner。In this regard, he put forward five requirements: first, do a good job in grade routine management with strong determination;The second is to promote the construction of class style and study style with firm will;Third, the fine style of strengthening the learning process is reasonable;Fourth, construct harmonious education ecology by scientific arrangement;The fifth is to do students' ideological work carefully and patiently。He hopes that everyone can work together, work together and make progress together。


"Half of a hundred miles", the grade department will work hard and forge ahead under the correct leadership of the school Party Committee and the president's office to create new achievements for the grade construction under the flat management model and promote the high quality development of the school to a new level。

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