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A new chapter of the "new" gathering force spectrum - Our school held a symposium on the induction of new teachers and Tibetan teachers in 2023

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A person meets a good teacher is lucky in life, a school has a good teacher is the glory of the school, and a nation's continuous emergence of a batch of good teachers is the hope of the nation。-- Xi Jinping


In the summer of August, the sun is shining brightly, and our school has welcomed a group of energetic new teachers。The development and growth of education cannot be separated from the injection of fresh blood. Young teachers are the new force for the development of schools and the new vitality of educational innovation。In order to help new teachers fully understand the school, adapt to the new environment as soon as possible, and be qualified for new positions, on the afternoon of August 23, our school held a symposium on the induction of new teachers and Tibetan teachers in 2023。President Xu Xifeng and all the staff of the Academic Affairs Office attended the meeting, and Zhu Xinrong, deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office, presided over the meeting。


New teacher's voice

At the beginning of the meeting, Mima and Danzeng, representatives of Tibetan teachers, said that they were deeply impressed by the beautiful campus environment, warm hospitality, exquisite business, good at studying and diligent dedication of the teacher team。They will cherish the teaching opportunities in the mainland, constantly expand and improve their abilities, and will live up to the expectations of the school。

The new teacher representatives Huang Qun and Huang Yiwen expressed their great honor to join the warm family of South Tibet, and in the future, they will do their best to fulfill their duties, concentrate on educating people, actively participate in education, teaching and research activities, quickly complete the transition from standing on the platform to standing on the platform, and open a new chapter in life。


Department responsibility

The principals of the academic Affairs Office put forward different requirements for the future development direction of new teachers in turn。Deputy Director Chen Dan introduced to the new teachers the "double teacher system" model of the school's Qinglan Project and the basic situation of the development of young teachers' growth camp activities,These platforms will provide a greater stage for the future development of new teachers;Deputy Director Zhu Xinrong said that new teachers should be firm in their goals,Keep learning and never waver,Strictly observe the three basic requirements of unwavering norms;Director Chen Wanqing also provided referable suggestions and guidance from the aspects of teachers' professional skills improvement and future career planning,He hoped that the new teachers would unite with each other,Clear goal,Work hard,Play an exemplary role as a teacher。


The leadership is eager

Xu Xifeng stressed that new teachers should adapt to their new identity as soon as possible and behave more like teachers。He expressed the expectations of new teachers from four aspects: first, to set goals, clear the direction of personal efforts;The second is to understand the learning situation, quickly adapt to the job;The third is to integrate into the collective, actively participate in various activities;The fourth is to strengthen learning and constantly explore the law of education and teaching。President Xu put forward the teaching suggestions of "three things to do and three things not to do", hoping that the new teachers can do practical, detailed and regular work, and steadily promote education and teaching。


The young teachers are the fresh blood of the school, and the colorful and rich classroom will blossom in their pen. I believe that all the new teachers in the hot land of South Tibet will stick to the original heart of teachers, bravely bear the mission of educating people, deeply cultivate the fertile soil of teaching and research, and cultivate the fragrance of students and plum frequently!


It is like a small mountain to build the torch into Yang


文案:朱琪   Review: Xu Xifeng and Chen Wanqing

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