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Good news!Warm congratulations to the teachers and students of our school on their success in the 2023 Nantong School Chinese Classics Reading Contest!

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Recently, the Nantong Language Commission and the Nantong Education Bureau held the2023The Chinese Classics Reading Contest was held in the school directly under the city150The contestants gathered on the scene,40Multiple reading works are in competition。Our school carefully organized and prepared the competition, and the teachers and students performed well. The two entries won the "special prize" of the student group and the "First prize" of the teacher group respectively, and Ms. Zhu Meilin won the "Excellent Instructor Award".。


Student section  Special prize

Work: "July Sky"

Contestant: Grade 1 (1) Banzedin Rajen高一(1) The flight Rendeji高一(1) Bangsar Jigme高一(2) Bangeng Ho-yuk高一(3Bantian Zengqu Sang

Advisor: Zhu Meilin


Five students from Grade One read the poem "July Sky"。The work by Zhu Meilin based on the "Seven rules of the Long March", "My Confession", "Lei Feng Ode", "tribute to the moved Chinese characters- Adapted from poems such as Sun Jiadong, a meritorious scientist。The student's reading is full of heroic feelings of "the Red Army is not afraid of the difficulty of the expedition, the vast rivers and mountains are only idle", "What is torture??Not even death can make me speak!"Death like a return, "learn from Comrade Lei Feng" the great man's call resounds in the passion of China, "young diligent youth play, the Communist ideal engraved in the missile, satellite, Chang 'e, Beidou" of the clang oath。Under the careful guidance of teacher Zhu Meilin, the students used their spare time to practice rehearsal, continuously deepen their understanding of the work of "July Sky", and improve their reading skills and emotions. The five-person group cooperated well in the competition, and the performance was tense and highly infectious。

Teacher group  First prize

Works: Poetic China

Contestant: Chen Qi

Advisor: Han Liping


Poetic China, a work recited by Chen Qi, depicts the splendid civilization of 5,000 years of China from oracle bones, the Book of Songs, Chu poems, Tang poems and Song poems, and measures the length of national culture with poetry。"I can't imagine what ink to use,Can accurately depict the beloved country;I want to paint with poetic ink,The crimson remains a stain of humiliating blood,A bright red flag flying still look at the spirit of the present..."Mr. Chen Qi is sometimes gentle,Sonorous at times,Sometimes feel,I am a newly recruited teacher with a major in Chinese classical literature and my personal comprehensive quality ability,The artistic conception and emotion of the work are vividly expressed。

The Chinese Classics Reading Contest aims to encourage teachers and students to feel the unique charm of Chinese culture, to draw wisdom and strength from the classics, and to enhance teachers and students' cultural confidence and feelings of home and country。Our school will take this reading competition as an opportunity to further implement the fundamental task of cultivating morality, actively carry out a variety of reading literacy promotion activities, and strive to create a book-style campus, do a good job of classic and cultural inheritance, live up to the trust of The Times, build dreams and travel!



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