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Good news!Warmly congratulate the Party organization of our school successfully awarded the "2022 Nantong Education System grassroots Party building work Demonstration Site"

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Recently, the Education Work Committee of the CPC Nantong Municipal Committee issued a document, and the Party organization of our school was successfully awarded the "Demonstration Site of Grassroots Party Building Work in Nantong Education System in 2022".。


Nantong Tibetan Nationalities Middle School党委在习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想的引领下,Under the correct leadership and cordial care of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, the Municipal Education Working Committee and the Municipal Education Bureau,Close to the party's fundamental requirements for education aid to Tibet,Thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congress,Always keep primary responsibility in mind,Consciously practicing the "Four consciousnesses",Strengthen the "four self-confidence",Adhere to the "two establishment",Practice the "two maintenance",Give full play to the role of Party organizations as fighting fortresses and the vanguard and exemplary role of Communist Party members,Lead Party members, teachers, students and staff to reform and innovate,Take on real work,Strive to create "home and country feelings" moral education curriculum, "responsible classroom" teaching model,Strive to improve the quality of education and teaching efficiency,The establishment of high-quality and high-grade ethnic education as a specific action to implement the Party Central Committee, The State Council intellectual aid to Tibet and the western development strategy。In recent years, the school has been awarded a number of honors such as "Jiangsu Province Civilized Unit", "Jiangsu Province Red Pomegranate Home", "Nantong Advanced Grassroots Party Organization", "Nantong Public Institutions poverty alleviation Collective", "Nantong Advanced Collective for high-quality Development", and "Nantong Excellent United Front Base"。Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education "13th Five-Year Plan, see education together" media focused on interviewing Nantong education, our school as an advanced model of basic education in Nantong City by dozens of media publicity and reports。

To lead the new development with the energetic and promising leadership group trusted by teachers and students

With strong political determination, the leading group of the university ensures that the Party's line, principles, policies and major decisions are implemented。Centering on the study, publicity and implementation of the Party's 20 major spirits, we have carried out a series of thematic education, carried forward the theme of "forging a new journey and building a new era", and always walked with the Party Central Committee。Taking this as a guide, we will sort out the core school-running philosophy of the school, further clarify the school culture, spirit, characteristics, etc., and ensure that the direction is not biased and the characteristics are distinct。The provincial education reform experiment project presided over by the secretary of the Party Committee was selected as the National Education Achievement Award cultivation project。The excellent rate of team and member satisfaction evaluation is above 90%。

A team of Party members who are willing to contribute and forge ahead with unity to achieve new breakthroughs

Actively carry out education and training, improve the assessment mechanism, nearly 10 party members were awarded the national Xizang Class Xinzhou Class individual model, Nantong City excellent Party members, excellent Party workers, etc。Actively promote the "double training" project, 3 party members and cadres won the first prize of the provincial excellent course evaluation, 10 excellent teachers entered the training process, and successfully developed 2 party members。

On major issues involving student safety, members of the Party Committee team are personally deployed and charge the front line。Lead a summer team to escort students back to Tibet,Organize and participate in home visits;During special periods such as campus closure management, student return health monitoring, and the introduction of ten measures to optimize epidemic prevention and control,It is to lead party members and cadres, volunteer team brave retrograde,Regardless of risk,Leave home for the people,We will ensure the physical and mental health of students,Highly recognized by the community。

Create new samples with scientific, democratic, innovative and effective management mechanisms

As a pilot unit, explore the implementation of the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the Party committee, and participate in the formulation of relevant rules of procedure at the municipal level because of the complete system and good operation。The theme Party Day was rated as the top ten excellent cases in the education system, and the situational Party class won the first prize in the city。In the Rugao Guqiao community and other places to establish a practice base, activities were reported by the central radio network and other media。

Create new achievements with the campus ecology of gathering strength and integrating together

Solid implementation of "I have a home in Nantong", "I pass on love in Nantong", "I do my part for the country" moral education series brand activities。"Love · Transmission" was rated as "One school and one product" Party building cultural brand in Nantong City。The series of moral education activities have been highly recognized by national, provincial and municipal leaders。

Attaching great importance to students' mental health, the school was awarded "Nantong Mental Health Education Characteristic School", the Student Growth Center was awarded "Nantong five-star psychological Counseling Room", and the full-time teachers were selected as "Municipal high-level psychological counseling expert team".。Promote labor education in multiple dimensions and build "Qingeng Garden" labor practice base。

Actively carry out the "Party building with group building, group building" action,The Youth League Committee and the Youth team won the title of "Jiangsu May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee" and "Jiangsu Excellent Young Pioneers Collective";He was awarded the national Outstanding League Member,Puzhaxi won "The Most Beautiful Middle School Student Model in Jiangsu Province",He is the only student in Nantong Direct Middle School who has won this honor。"Sense of Dan-En · National Conditions of the family" summer propaganda project won。The trade union was rated as "Nantong Model Workers' Home"。"The artistic expression of" Family and Country Feelings "was awarded as an excellent project of the" concentric Education "action plan for United Front and group work in primary and secondary schools in Jiangsu Province。

We will go to a new journey with a national education that is clean, honest and satisfactory to the people

Create a "Youjiao Huilearning" party building brand, organize party members and young teachers to pair, set up a demonstration post for party members to answer questions。Optimize the growth tutor system, go deep into Tibet in summer, and realize the "three full" education。Each branch actively carries out the "Home and country together" volunteer service。School achievements have been highly recognized by all sectors of society。

We worked hard to comprehensively and strictly govern the Party, and actively performed the duties of the first person in charge。We carried out themed education activities such as "May 10 Clean Thinking Day" and "Accounting Education Month", organized comrades in key positions to conduct clean government training, investigate risks of clean government, took the lead in setting up party classes, and constantly strengthened the awareness of the bottom line of law and discipline。Guide and support the Commission for Discipline Inspection to carry out supervision and discipline enforcement, focus on strengthening the supervision of the construction of the second phase of the campus project and the operation process of the canteen, and continue to strengthen the deterrent effect of not afraid of corruption。Carry out teacher ethics education and special rectification, select the "four most" teachers, carry forward the positive energy of the campus, and comprehensively escort the new journey of ethnic education reform and development。


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